New Holland equipment from AAA's dedicated agricultural division

New Holland Rolabar® rakes let you feed cleaner hay and more of it. Offset wheels are set close to the basket, so tines follow the ground contour closely to pick up all the hay . . . but leave dirt behind.

Hydraulic drive is available on Model 258 and Model 260 rakes to let you tailor your basket speed to crop conditions, regardless of tractor ground speed. That means you can rake slowly through heavy crops, yet set your basket speed fast enough to move crop into uniform windrows.

And, hydraulic rakes require less maintenance and have a longer life since there are fewer moving parts. In addition, a hydraulic relief valve protects the rake should it strike an obstruction.

No matter which Rolabar rake model you choose, you can be sure you're making a solid investment. Demand the performance of the original— the New Holland Rolabar rake.