Zeemat Manufacturing (ZMT) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Arabian Auto Agency

Established in 1990, ZMT operates under its own CR and is licensed to assemble a range of commercial equipment and specialist bodies.

ZMT has I’s own Quality Management System which has been developed under the direction of the main Board of AAA and is fully aligned with the policy and the strategic direction of the business.

ZMT QMS is fully integrated into the manufacturing and assembly process which is specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of commercial vehicle assembly and the manufacture of specialist application bodies.

At Zeemat, we are working constantly to meet the requirements of customers today, tomorrow and into the future.

All the equipment produced by ZMT is highly engineered and in many cases is unique to the end user. ZMT management works in close harmony with AAA sales team in the preparation of technical bids and with the end customer technical personnel to ensure the specified product meets or exceeds the end-users’ requirements in terms of specification, performance and delivery.

From an assembly point of view our Principals need and expect ZMT to assemble all vehicles in exactly the way they want and for ZMT to liaise daily with them on all technical issues. They expect to be able to rely on us to produce a quality product.

ZMT management also works in liaison with our principals’ engineering and quality teams to discuss and resolve all technical issues related to the supply of components, best assembly practices.

ZMT management works with regulatory bodies such as SASO/GSO, Civil Defense, Ministry of Labor and the Municipality in understanding and meeting their various requirements to provide safe and suitable products, to provide a safe and secure working environment and to train and develop local talent.

As part of a much larger locally owned organization that has been in business in Saudi Arabia for more than 55 years, management in ZMT understand their role in maintaining the brand equity that has been built up over half a century and the board’s expectation that each person will strive to build on the success that has been achieved thus far.

Scope of ZMT:

The scope of the ZMT is to:

“Assembly of IVECO Commercial Vehicles. Assembly of Road sweepers. Fabrication of Customized body and body parts of commercial trucks”

Our Quality Policy

Zeemat quality policy addresses specifically the assembly and fabrication of commercial vehicles and special application truck bodies. All of the physical processes of assembly and fabrication, from receipt of raw materials through to dispatch of finished goods and monitoring the performance of our equipment during the warranty period are covered by this policy.

The key objective of our quality policy is to achieve and maintain zero assembly defects.

ZEEMAT Manufacturing is committed to an operating philosophy based on openness in communication, integrity in serving our customers, fairness and concern for our employees and responsibility to the community within which we operate. We are dedicated to continuously enhancing our profitable business culture.