Oustanding power, performance and control
New Holland's formula for outstanding performance involves mixing raw power and superior control with the ultimate in customer flexibility, making them the natural choice for livestock, arable or contracting applications.

Whether you’re looking for proven performance in a value package or a tractor that gives you the latest conveniences and push-button simplicity, AAA in partnership with New Holland tractors are built for you.

New Holland’s formula for outstanding tractor performance involves mixing raw power and superior control with the ultimate in customer flexibility. New Holland tractors are a natural choice for livestock, arable or contracting applications.

No matter what horsepower you need, we have the tractor for you.
Choose from our complete line for high quality and efficiency.

You choose the model that’s configured perfectly for your application.


New TT4, Characterized by sturdy design and functional layout, the new TT4 thrives on being pushed to the limit. The TT4 range are simple to operate, easy to maintain and built to go the distance, offering maximum uptime and reduced maintenance cost, putting money back in your pocket.


The Tier 3 TD5 range features an upgraded Tier 3 compliant 8000 Series engine, offering you both greater power and excellent combustion efficiency. This powerful new Tier 3 engine brings out the maximum in tractor performance while at the same time boasting lower fuel consumption & minimized exhaust emissions.


New Holland’s formula for outstanding T6000 tractor performance involves mixing raw power and superior control with the ultimate in customer flexibility. T6000 tractors are a natural choice for livestock, field or contracting applications.

Olive Harvester 11.90 Multi

Developed for high-density olive groves and tree nut orchards such as almonds, hazelnuts, and pistachios, the harvester can work with multiple crops with minimal impact on trees. The Braud 11.90X is equipped with the SDC shaking system with independent, rear-hinged shaking rods on maintenance-free flexible fixations to ensure gentle picking. The oversized Noria basket system uses flexible polyurethane buckets attached to the harvesting head to collect and convey crops without loss or maceration. The high-capacity tank provides a maximized cleaning surface for high-quality harvest. The Braud 11.90X can harvest olive orchards at speeds up to 4 km/h or 2.5 mph in almonds for greater coverage in a shorter time.

Wheat Harvester-CR10.90

New Holland revolutionized the way farmers harvested over 40 years ago with the introduction of groundbreaking Twin RotorTM technology for combines. Today’s latest generation of CR Revelation combines continues the pure rotary bloodline and offers the world’s farmers world-beating grain and straw quality thanks to the gentle multi-pass action. The range topping CR10.90 is the most powerful and productive CR Revelation to date, and now has almost 700hp on tap. Innovative features such as the new award- winning
IntelliSenseTM combine automation system, Dynamic Flow ControlTM remotely adjustable rotor vanes, concave reset, the deep cut Dynamic Feed RollTM technology and the all-new patented Opti- SpreadTM Plus super wide spreading residue management system, continue to ensure that the CR Revelation range is among the most advanced and productive harvesters in the world.


Operators who custom bale, especially for horse farms, are big fans of New Holland square balers. New Holland bales are the only choice for hand-feeding because they quickly separate into flakes. Professionals put their trust in BC5060 model balers because they make consistently dense, well-shaped bales that are easy to handle.


The LSH and ASH shredders are our pull behind PTO brush shredders. The rigid bumped housing and front torsion pipes make this unit well suited to brush processing. Each machine comes standard with replaceable inner housing liner and replaceable shear teeth. Our CV hitch 3-point attachment provides the smooth transfer of power from your tractor to the rest of the drive train. A bottom brush panel under the hitch helps guide the brush piles into the large housing throat. Rear floating brush rakes gather the limbs back into the cutting path. The LSH model can be fitted with FL940 side slicer blades or FL970 hammers. The ASH model is fitted with FL8041 tungsten carbide hard faced hammers.
Available options:
• Tighter brush rake spacing.
• Single or triple fork rakes on ASH model.
• Single or dual rear tire struts.
• 5 ft. - 10 ft. cutting swath widths.
• Side inlet guides

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